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Victoria Quance demonstrates the program she uses when working online with students that she tutors.
by Wendy Spence

        Victoria Quance, who is studying to become a teacher, like both of her parents, has started her own business, helping younger students with their studies during her downtime. She is the owner of Accelerate Tutoring and provides online tutoring.
        She said that the response has been great so far. “I have received a lot of positive feedback from teachers and parents saying that this service is definitely needed right now.”
        Quance offers tutoring for pretty much all grades. She has experience from a Grade 2 level to first year university. The subjects she tutors depends on the grade level. Quance can help elementary students with all subjects. At the high school level, she specializes in math, general science and English until Grade 10, and then math, biology and English for grades 11 and 12. She can also help with introductory math classes at the university level, like statistics and calculus for non-math programs.
        The joy in a student’s voice paired with the “Oh, that makes more sense now,” is what Quance loves most about tutoring. “I find so much pleasure in building the confidence of my students. I don’t celebrate results, but progress and confidence. The only mark we’re trying to reach is a mark higher than yesterday’s. I just love seeing their happiness when they realize they are improving.”
        Quance tutors through an online platform that allows her to work collaboratively with the student. “We both see the same screen and we can type, draw and add images which will simultaneously show on the others’ screen. We can speak to each other while this goes on, as well,” she explained. “This works especially well for mathematics, which requires a lot of demonstration, diagrams and examples. I can add graphs, shapes, number lines and anything else that assists the learning process, and we can write on top of the image.”
        Quance found out about the Summary Company program from her brother and father. “A few years ago, my brother went through this program and opened his own lawn-cutting business, which is still open today. I wanted to get involved with the program because they teach you all you need to know to open a business,” she said. “I am considering a business pathway for my future as well, so I thought this would be a great way to dip my toes in. My goal is to keep my business running for as long as I can. I am hoping that my summer program will have a lot of interest and could be continued in summers to come.”
        In May and June, Quance will be offering regular tutoring and she will be running a summer program in July and August to prepare students for the upcoming year in math. In the first month, she will recap their previous grade and note the areas that need the most work. Then, in the second month, she will focus on those areas as well as the key topics for the next grade to ensure the student has all the necessary skills to succeed in the coming year. “I believe this program will do wonders for the students. Especially in high school, the course moves quickly and leaves no extra time to pick up any missing skills. This could result in students moving to the next grade missing knowledge that is absolutely necessary in order to learn the new content,” said Quance, whose goal is to set students up for success in their next grade. “Being a recent high school grad, I am very familiar with the topics that will be expanded in following years, so I will drill those skills in my summer program.”
        Since she is a first-time business owner, Quance is very open to adjusting her programs to fit student/parent needs. The programs can be customized for each student. “For example, a group of parents came to me with interest in group sessions for their children. Together, we have developed a summer program where I will meet with the group of students weekly and work with them all together to prepare for their next grade. This might make summer math a bit more fun for the kids!”
        Quance has prior experience in tutoring and she enjoys it. “I have always considered a career in teaching, so I thought this would be a great starting point. The pandemic has resulted in many switches from online to in-class, and I know online learning is not for everyone, so I want to help these students any way I can. Bigger tutoring companies are often very pricey, so my goal is to provide a more affordable, but equally beneficial, service!”
        The Dorchester native is finishing her second year in an honours specialization in mathematics and minoring in biology. Quance is enrolled in concurrent education, which grants automatic admission into teachers college, and begins teacher education all throughout her bachelor’s degree. Also at the university level, she has taken writing, psychology and childhood development courses.
        For more information on Accelerate Tutoring, call or text 519-857-4227 or email:

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