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Signpost photo by Wendy Spence
READY TO GET GROWING: Staff member Leah Gooyers holds up a hanging basket at Dick ‘n Nic’s Floral Picks on Hamilton Road at Byron Avenue on Thursday. The outdoor retail garden store opened on Friday afternoon in accordance with provincial legislation. Physical distancing and other measures were enforced. The indoor retail store is not open. Payment was being accepted outdoors and only 10 customers were allowed to shop at a time. Heeman’s greenhouses and strawberry farm on Nissouri Road has chosen to remain closed to the public at this time and they are offering online shopping, curbside pickup and delivery.

Council and board costs

approach $150,000

by Wendy Spence

        At last week's virtual council meeting a report for the 2019 remuneration and expenses of local government representatives was received. The total paid to councillors and police services board members was $142,709, up from $135,146 in 2018.
        Mayor Alison Warwick's salary ($24,682) and expenses totalled $37,469. Included are: per diems for conventions ($4,650), police services board expenses ($600), convention and seminar expenses ($6,317) a mileage reimbursement of $185, $605 to cover telephone and fax and $430 for meeting expenses. Deputy Mayor Kelly Elliott's base salary is $18,156 and her expenses amounted to $6,363 for a total of $24,519.
        The three ward councillors are paid $15,036 each. Ward 3 Councillor Paul Hunter's salary and expenses added up to $25,923, Ward 2 Councillor Chris Patterson was paid a total of $23,011 (which includes $900 for the police services board) and Ward 1 Councillor Tom Heeman brought in $22,449 last year. Heeman didn't claim any per diems.
        The total for the members of the police services board, including $4,500 for chair, former mayor Jim Maudsley, was $9,338.
        Every year the Thames Centre treasurer is required to present a report on council remuneration and expenses under the Municipal Act, 2001.
        Warwick and Elliott sit on Middlesex County council and they also receive remuneration and have expenses covered for their participation in meetings and conferences. The median salary for county council members in 2019 was $17,677.25.

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