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Municipality cracking down on parking in front of fire hall

by Wendy Spence

     The signs in front of the Dorchester fire station on the east side of Dorchester Road will be changed from “no parking anytime” to “no stopping anytime” following a request from the Thames Centre Fire Department. The municipality also hopes to step up enforcement by looking into the possibility of authorizing firefighters to write parking tickets.
     “I don’t know that changing it from no parking to no stopping will help it,” commented Mayor Jim Maudsley.” Director of operations Mike Leblanc said that technically, no stopping covers no parking.
     Ward 3 Councillor Alison Warwick said that there wouldn’t be a grey area if the signs were changed to no stopping.
     “For the sake of a few signs and changing the bylaw, I think it’s worth it.”
     Transport trucks often block access and visibility for the fire hall and firefighters when drivers stop to get a coffee.
     “It really causes congestion sometimes,” said Maudsley. He added that the shoulders of the road are not designed for the large vehicles and the volume of traffic that tends to stop on the east side of the road.
     Deputy Mayor Marcel Meyer said, “I really think it comes down to an enforcement issue.” He suggested that it might be helpful if someone from the fire department were appointed to write tickets.
     A total of 55 parking tickets were handed out last year in Thames Centre, 25 of those on Dorchester Road in the area around the fire hall.
     Municipal staff will report back to council on what is necessary to have a member of the fire department authorized to write tickets and the director of operations will make a written request to Middlesex County to have the signs at the Dorchester fire station changed to “no stopping anytime.”

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